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Mercer County covers municipalities like Trenton City, Hamilton Township, and Ewing Township, all three of which have some of the highest need rates for Mercer County addiction treatment. Individuals who struggle with substance abuse don’t always get the help they need because they are afraid that treatment won’t fit into their schedule or they don’t have the money to cover it.

But Wellness Recovery is here to help. Our Mercer County drug and alcohol rehab center is a short drive away and serves the whole of Mercer County. We have multiple levels of care and therapies customized to your needs.

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New Jersey Treatment Options

Addiction Treatment in Mercer County, NJ

The primary substance abused by citizens in Mercer County is heroin. Heroin has become a prolific issue throughout the United States, and Mercer County is not immune. Heroin addiction rates have risen as prescription opioids have become commonplace. Individuals prescribed opioids find themselves at risk for addiction, and when those prescriptions run out, those same people turn to heroin.

Thirty-six percent of people seeking Mercer County addiction treatment did so for heroin. 

The second most commonly abused substance in Mercer County is alcohol. Alcoholism is a problem across the United States because alcohol consumption is legal, making it far too easy for individuals of all ages, but especially young ages, to fall prey to dependence. 

Thirty-four percent of people seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Mercer County did so for alcohol addiction. 

Other problems exist with Mercer County drug rehab treating opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine addictions. 

Don’t wait to get care. Let Wellness Recovery start you on the right treatment plan now. 

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Paying for treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance Carriers

Paying for treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance Carriers

What to Look for in an addiction treatment program

Finding a Mercer County Drug Rehab

Individuals seeking treatment at a Mercer County drug and alcohol rehab center come from all backgrounds, genders, and ages. Twenty-seven percent of individuals seeking addiction treatment in Mercer County are between thirty-five and forty-four years old but are almost equally divided among black and white residents. 

No matter your age or background, finding drug and alcohol treatment in Mercer County means finding a facility that’s qualified to offer the services you need most.

Substance-Specific Services

Individuals struggling with addiction to heroin, prescription opioids, or alcoholism need medication assisted treatment for detox which requires licensed facilities and FDA-approved medications.

Dual Diagnosis

Individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders need facilities that can provide dual diagnosis services on-site to offer concurrent treatment for addiction and mental health disorders.

Levels of Care

Finding the right Mercer County drug and alcohol rehab center also means working with a facility that specializes in the level of care you need most. For many people throughout Mercer County, this means an outpatient facility that can provide flexible schedules.

Reach out to Wellness Recovery now to learn more about our substance-specific services and levels of care. 

What are my options for rehab?

Levels of Care Available

If you are ready to get help, it can be overwhelming to figure out which level of help is best. Addiction treatment in Mercer County comes in multiple forms:

  • Outpatient care
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Extended care

With Wellness Recovery, citizens can find a treatment that offers flexible scheduling options. We specialize in outpatient Mercer County addiction treatment, which can be scheduled around personal or professional obligations so that you can get help without compromising your responsibilities.

The most common level of care for addiction treatment in Mercer County is outpatient care and intensive outpatient care. 
Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) is a viable alternative to residential treatment. Many people prefer this level of care because it gives them more flexibility over their schedule and the freedom to continue going to work, school, or caring for the family. 

Intensive outpatient treatment typically requires an average of nine hours per week over the course of several weeks. You can set up your Mercer County drug rehab program so that it meets in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • Intensive outpatient care is focused on achieving abstinence
  • This level of care helps facilitate behavioral changes that encourage a new lifestyle with healthier outlooks, self-esteem levels, and coping mechanisms
  • Intensive outpatient treatment facilitates participation in group and community-based support systems like Twelve Step programs which can be continued in traditional outpatient care or after completing drug and alcohol rehab in Mercer County
  • To help provide clients with a support network 
  • To provide clients with improved coping strategies over stress and trigger management 
Traditional Outpatient

Each level of care functions as one step in the continuum of care. After completing a more intense partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program, you can transition into traditional outpatient treatment with Wellness Recovery. 

Our facility's traditional outpatient Mercer County addiction treatment only requires a few weekly meetings to help you sustain your behavioral changes, maintain your abstinence, and utilize prevention strategies for relapse.

  • Traditional outpatient programs help you eliminate drug and alcohol-related lifestyles with sober activities and routines
  • Outpatient addiction treatment in Mercer County helps you identify triggers and develop strategies to prevent relapse
  • Clients learn how to resolve personal problems, rebuild relationships, and remain active in support groups like Twelve Step programs in their communities

Reach out to Wellness Recovery to learn more about IOPs and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment today. 

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How do I get help for addiction?

Utilizing Health Insurance to Cover the Cost of Rehab in Mercer County, NJ

Most people who need drug and alcohol rehab in Mercer County don’t get the help they require or the most appropriate level of care because they are worried about the cost. However, treatment centers Wellness Recovery work with multiple insurance providers to make a recovery affordable.

Across Mercer County, eighty-four percent of people seeking treatment used health insurance benefits to help offset the cost. At our facility, we can walk you through a quick and easy intake process and verify your insurance benefits for you. 

This makes it easy to see exactly what level of outpatient treatment your insurance provider covers and which programs or therapies at our Mercer County drug and alcohol rehab center you might have to pay for out of pocket.

During your initial assessment, not only will we verify insurance, but we will ask questions to determine whether an intensive outpatient program or traditional outpatient program is best for your circumstances. With that in mind, we can curate a program of daily and weekly individual and group therapy sessions and other experiential treatments. 

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