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Addiction Treatment

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, it might be time to consider professional Princeton substance abuse treatment. Addiction can look different for everyone, so Princeton addiction treatment needs to be personalized. At Wellness Recovery, we offer a range of addiction and dual diagnosis treatment options with multiple levels of outpatient programs. With a quick assessment, we can determine which level of care is most appropriate for your circumstances.

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Signs of Addiction

Addiction signs look different for everyone. Things like prescription drug addictions might manifest with symptoms including having multiple prescriptions from other doctors or under different names, whereas things like alcoholism might manifest as hiding bottles throughout the house, missing work to drink, or being unable to stop drinking once you start.

Most addiction signs are behavioral and physical.

It’s common to notice behavioral changes in your loved ones or yourself, including things like mood swings, anger, or irritability.

Other physical signs include changes to sleeping patterns or eating habits, extreme weight loss, no longer caring about personal hygiene, and physical indications of drug use like track marks, bloodshot eyes, or a runny nose.

Individuals struggling with addiction might pull away from friends and family, no longer engaging in hobbies or activities they once prioritized. Those same individuals might start experiencing financial issues, with money intended for bills going elsewhere. They might also run into legal issues like DUIs or criminal activity.

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We offer a number of options for those in need of detoxification through a vetted network of trusted providers.


Our partial hospitalization program offers you the benefits of inpatient treatment without the 24/7 stay at a residential facility.


We offer flexible intensive outpatient treatment designed around our clients needs with continued care & treatment.

Paying for treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance Carriers

Paying for treatment

We Work With Most Major Insurance Carriers

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Why Get Professional Addiction Treatment in New Jersey?

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction, getting professional addiction treatment is imperative.

  • Professional addiction treatment in Princeton gives you access to medical services during detox. This keeps you safe and comfortable compared to trying to detox by yourself at home.
  • Professional services can keep you more comfortable and give you a chance to step away from your regular environment and focus entirely on turning your attention inward.
  • Qualified Princeton substance abuse treatment centers can offer medical services like medication management and licensed therapy sessions that you can’t find elsewhere.
  • With professional treatment, you receive services from individuals who are leaders in their fields, who care about your recovery, and who are there to support you. While friends and family might mean well, they don’t necessarily have the qualifications to say the right things, do the right things, or encourage the right behaviors.


If you are struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, it's imperative that you get help at a professional substance abuse treatment center in Princeton, like Wellness Recovery. Our dual diagnosis services provide initial detox and ongoing therapy to simultaneously address mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Getting help for one of those elements and not the other leads you susceptible to relapse. More than half of individuals with addictions also have mental health disorders like depression or anxiety. Our facility can offer a range of services to address combinations like:

  • Alcoholism and depression
  • Alcoholism and PTSD
  • Opioid Addiction and PTSD
  • Benzodiazepine addiction and anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder and prescription medication addiction
  • ADHD and prescription medication addiction
  • Heroin addiction and anxiety

Outpatient Treatment

Wellness Recovery specializes in addiction and dual diagnosis treatment programs across multiple outpatient levels. Our substance abuse treatment center in Princeton is designed to provide multiple levels of care so that you can utilize a step-down approach as you transition from one level to the next.


Partial hospitalization programs are an intense, full-time commitment that spans several weeks rather than several months compared to residential programs. However, they are a viable alternative to residential programs because they still provide the same offerings. With a partial hospitalization program, you get to reside at home in the evenings but return to our facility for your Princeton addiction treatment on a daily basis.

These programs are best for people who can afford to take several weeks off at a time, utilizing something like vacation days, sick days, or time off.


Intensive outpatient programs are another form of addiction treatment in Princeton that are slightly less demanding. Intensive outpatient programs have a part-time schedule instead of a full-time schedule of services. You come to the same facility for your Princeton addiction treatment sessions, but you only have to come a few days per week rather than every day of the week. Similar to a partial hospitalization program, you return home at the end of your sessions.

These programs are best for people who might not be able to take several weeks off at a time but still want something akin to a residential program and can afford to take several days off each week.

Traditional Outpatient

The next level down is traditional outpatient programs. This level of Princeton substance abuse treatment is designed to be the least demanding, intended for people who have already completed other levels or don't need much support and supervision. Traditional outpatient programs have you connect for a few hours each week rather than a few days.

These programs are best for people transitioning back to normalcy but still want support and accountability.

Let Wellness Recovery guide you through the right level of care. 

Lasting Recovery Awaits You

What to Expect at a Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Princeton

We will prepare you for what comes next when you start professional treatment.

Our team will explain when your sessions begin, where to meet, and what you might want to bring if anything. Upon arrival, we will help you through your intake process, additional assessments or evaluations for things like dual diagnosis needs, and we will introduce you to your care team.

Princeton substance abuse treatment hinges on individual therapy sessions. Princeton addiction treatment also integrates group therapy. At the start of your day, you’ll likely participate in a mixture of group sessions, and then you’ll switch to individual therapy for the second part of your day. 

Call our team to verify your insurance benefits and plan your recovery. 

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If you are ready to get help, Wellness Recovery is here. We are a short drive from Princeton with several offerings, programs, and therapies that can be customized to your preferences and needs. 

We take into consideration what you prefer. If you have tried a traditional outpatient program before with limited success, we can help evaluate why something like a partial hospitalization program might be more appropriate. If you have struggled with a relapse, we might suggest integrating family therapy this time so that you have more support to bolster your sobriety and accountability moving forward.

We can help you find a good fit when you call our team. We want everyone to succeed, which is why we will work with you to offer a free, confidential assessment, recommendation for the most appropriate level of care, individualized treatment program, and insurance verification.

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Wellness Recovery Center of NJ is truly unlike any other treatment provider in the state of New Jersey. They truly care about what happens to each client and the outcomes.

Stephen M.

I would give 10 stars if I could. I called the number on their webpage in the early morning on a Sunday and their director of intake, T.J. answered .

Heather M.

Coming up on a year of sobriety. Not a bad word to say about the place. Allowed me the environment to find a design for living that worked. If you want help starts here. Don’t wait.

Robert C.

Recovery from addiction happens here.

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